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15 best blunt wraps for the smoker with great taste.

15 best blunt wraps

15 best blunt wraps. Blunt wraps come in so many different flavors, sizes, and styles that deciding which one is best for you can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to live a mundane life, this list of the top ten best blunt wraps has something for every stoner.

But the industry is creative, to say the least. Tobacco companies that produce blunt wrappers now sell whole cigars and cigarillos (smaller cigars) with one or more removable wrappers. An easy way to circumvent regulations and still get their consent from the people who want it. Here are some of our favorite brands.

Blunt Tobacco Wraps.

Once upon a time, you could buy blunt wraps that didn’t contain actual rolled tobacco. But when many stoners started buying this packaging for cannabis consumption, the authorities took notice.
Now stricter regulations have come into force and it has become impossible to buy packs of tobacco without cigars. This is to ensure that young people do not buy these products and to make them easier to regulate.

sweet desserts

This brand of blunt packaging is almost ubiquitous in flat circles around the world. They are now the best-selling cigars in the United States. Swisher Sweets are flavored cigars and are technically a tobacco product, but it’s estimated that as many as three-quarters of buyers don’t use them as intended. Many smokers simply make a cut in the blunt wrapper, remove the tobacco and fill it with the cannabis of their choice. 15 best blunt wraps.

15 best blunt wraps backwoods

Backwoods makes rolled cigarettes with a single natural tobacco leaf wrapper. Instead of cutting a long slit in the binder to remove the tobacco, simply unroll a Backwoods Blunt Wrap. Check out our guide to transporting a Backwoods Blunt here or watch our video lesson here.


Dutch Master is a classic among blunt rollers. Known for their slightly earthy flavor, they pair well with earthy herbal varieties. They are known to be difficult to work with and expensive, so beware of beginners.

tropical fusion

Tropical Fusion Blunt Wraps, part of the Swisher Sweet line of cigars, was the third most popular blunt wrapper in the U.S. market last year. If you’re tired of smoking a blunt wrapped in the simple, original Swisher Sweet and want a little more flavor, this blunt wrap style is for you. The tropical flavor comes from a blend of various tropical fruits and berries. 15 best blunt wraps.

White Owl

White Owl is another big name in beveled wraps worth noting. Some of their larger cigars can hold up to an eighth of the flower, and many people like that little extra space. These cigars are known to be a bit more difficult to unpack than other brands; one trick is to cut off the “mouth” end completely and spread the tobacco from there. 15 best blunt wraps



Optimo is known for its reliability: many long-time cigar smokers report that they have never had a bad Optimo cigar, as is often the case with other brands. When you use a peach-flavored Optimo, your smoke is sure to taste and smell extra sweet. These wrappers are very easy to work with and burn longer than most. They also don’t hit as hard as other wrappers, making them ideal for beginners.

Zig Zag

Although Zig Zag is best known for its joint wrappers, the company also sells single and double wrappers. Plus, they come in several unique flavors. 15 best blunt wraps In Canada.

Zig Zag Blunt

Juicy Beveled Wrappers

Juicy’s patented triple-dipped technology ensures that the succulent aromas remain in the cigar wrappers. Most options include at least one double-wrapped cigar and a zip-top pouch in case you can’t get another cut. No one likes dry paper; these blunt wrappers stay juicy for months.

beveled cyclone cone liner.

Cyclone, another cigar box manufacturer, does all the work for you. With these pre-rolled cones, you only need to concentrate on the packaging. Another multi-flavor technique, but this time the wrappers come in a handy resealable tube, which you can reuse to transport your perfectly wrapped lozenge.

Premium Shine Shadow Foil Wrapper

You’ll impress your friends with this beveled card. Shine carefully collected and dried leaves in the shade of a tobacco plant, then individually wrapped them for use as parchment paper. Wrapping with a tobacco leaf instead of elaborate paper takes some finesse, but it’s well worth the time and money invested. Your blunt will taste sweet, smoke evenly and look luxurious. Despite their natural appearance, these buns also offer a few flavors to choose from. 15 best blunt wraps

Tobacco-free blunt wraps

Blunt wraps may have originated as carefully rolled cigar wrappers, but what if you don’t want anything with tobacco? Not even a tobacco-infused blunt card? Fortunately, smokers have been asking for more tobacco-free varieties from the industry. There are now many tobacco-free papers available, from hemp to organic materials to precious metals.


High Hemp was the first company to make a 100% hemp wrap. Their hemp comes from the Netherlands and is non-GMO, organic and vegan. 15 best blunt wraps

High Hemp Grape Wraps

Grapeapeape is a particularly popular flavor of this type of wrap and is the third created by High Hemps. It is mix with many different grape varieties, including Cblendedandice, Autumn Royale and Concord.

Hemp Juicy Packets

Known for their delicious flavored wrapping papers, Juicy Jay has branched out and made another line of tobacco-free wrappers. With excellent flavor options, you can’t go wrong with any of the hearty hemp-based choices. From Black n’ Blueberry to Mango-Papaya to Tropical Passion, Juicy Hemp Wraps offer a multitude of possibilities. They are always tobacco-free and made with natural hemp fibers.

Primary Herbal Wraps

A new variant of tobacco- and nicotine-free wraps are Primal Herbal Wraps. These dull cards offer an interesting twist with an herbal infusion instead of a fruity flavor profile. The next time you light up a cigarette, you can embark on an exotic journey, from cocoa bean to sage, matcha and back again. Considering that marijuana itself is a medicinal herb, why not wrap it in herbal paper?

King Gold Blunt SHINE

For anyone looking for beveled packaging for a special occasion or simply wanting to be as “extra” as possible, look no further. This blunt packaging is truly the “gold standard” as it is made of edible, smokable 24k gold leaf. 15 best blunt wraps in USA.


As you can see, new types of blunt wraps are always popping up – try experimenting with each type in this list of the top ten best wraps to find out which one your inner pothead prefers! 15 best blunt wraps.

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